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logo The Community Collaborative for Youth & Families
12000 Kennedy Lane, Suite 100, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407
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Cultivate a thriving community through an inclusive collaborative helping youth and families acquire the foundation to be stable and successful.
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The Community Collaborative for Youth & Families maintains six committees that support the organizational structure. An overview is provided below for each of those committees. Questions can be emailed to the committee chairman, listed with each committee overview. If you are unable to find information that you feel would be helpful, please email one of our administrative contacts (found at the bottom of the page).
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Leadership Team
Purpose: Provide leadership and guidance to the Collaborative. Act as the administrative oversight authority for all Collaborative functions.
  • Donna Krauss, Chairman
  • Michelle Wagaman, Vice Chairman
  • Bobby Anderson
  • Michelle Hedrich
  • Ben Nagle
  • Sarah Walsh

  • Membership Committee
    Chairman: Fran Meyer
    Purpose: To support the growth and sustainability of the Collaborative through recruitment of new members, orientation, and retention of members to enhance efforts of the Collaborative.
  • Plan and implement orientation meetings;
  • Share and explain promotional materials to potential members while ensuring current members have access to current materials;
  • Identify and recruit new members; and
  • Cultivate connectivity among current members.

  • Education & Training Committee
    Chairman: Deb Lokrantz
    Purpose: To plan, host, and collaborate on trainings and workshops to educate the community as a whole. Through our events, provide other committees and partnering agencies with information for planning, collaboration, marketing, professional development an recruiting purposes.
  • Contact agencies and community partners to compile and maintain a list of existing programs, educational activities, and scheduled events;
  • Identify unmet needs in the community; and
  • Design and implement quarterly educational events and evaluation activities.

  • Data & Evaluation Committee
    Purpose: To collect and analyze the data collected in PD-16 by the Collaborative and use the information to evaluate the activities as it relates to the strategic plan.
  • Partner with PD-16 school systems to facilitate student participation in survey;
  • Collect and tabulate data into reports;
  • Collect and analyze data from partnering agencies as it relates to the proposed outcomes/activities in the strategic plan; and
  • Annually report the outcomes achieved by partnering agencies as it relates to the Collaborative.

  • Marketing & Media Committee
    Chairman: Vassi Griffis
    Purpose: To promote and publicize all events and trainings carried out by the Collaborative as well as other events being held in the PD-16 that support the purpose of the Collaborative. To ensure that all committee members, other community partners and potential participants/families are aware of what the Collaborative is doing.
  • Create and distribute all marketing materials for events hosted by the Collaborative;
  • Monitor other similar/relevant events of participating Collaborative organizations; and
  • Brainstorm additional methods for improved publicity of events/trainings to increase participation year-to-year.

  • Funds Development Committee
    Purpose: To identify and acquire the funds necessary to support the endeavors of partnering agencies in the Collaborative and specific Prevention activities identified in the strategic plan of the Collaborative for PD-16.
  • Research grant funding;
  • Coordinate grant writing for the Collaborative;
  • Plan fundraising events
  • Connect partnering agencies with available funding opportunities; and
  • Develop partnerships for available fund requests.
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    Administrative Contacts:
    Ms. Donna S. Krauss, Chairman (540.658.4622; dkrauss@staffordcountyva.gov)
    Ms. Michelle Wagaman, Vice Chairman (540.374.3337; mwagaman@rappahannockareacsb.org)

    Ben Nagle